Sunday, June 23, 2013

Special guest: Milena, A princess from Montenegro

And finally I have had a better day, no tooth pain, no headache, nothing! So I can go back to my regular blogging speed and introduce you a fabulous girl from Montenegro: Milena, better known as Montenegro Fashion Spark :) . It was very hard for me to pick an outfit because, although she is very classy, she always manages to add an edgy touch (just a touch) to each one of her outfits, making her look really unique and beautiful. She has a diva face from the 50's and marvelous long curly hair! I also love that she has a perfect curvy body, that shows the real woman beauty, and her taste in fashion is really original, but still super cool!
Thank you so much, Milena!!!
Here is gorgeous Milena!
 She was inspired by an outfit that Sarah Jessica Parker used in Sex and the City, but she added her own touch

 I love the hair jewelry

Gorgeous collar bone! :) 

Here is Milena with Zak :) 

 Marina in Montenegro

Montenegro, always stylish :)

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