Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Special guest: Fantastic Apple from Thailand

And here is our first collaboration from a beautiful girl from Thailand. I also had a beautiful girl from that country but she living in Sweden (http://dhariascloset.blogspot.mx/2013/05/zarwana-best-of-thailand-and-sweden.html) , and, many friends that have been in Thailand keep on telling me how wonderful country it is! I can´t wait to be there. So I was so happy of having a "yes" from stunning Apple because she is located in Thailand and she is as beautiful as any Thailandese girl I've seen so far. With gorgeous tanned skin, big smile, perfect body shape, long dark hair, and enygmatic slanted eyes! She is super stylish, and her face is really cute! Check her blog!! http://imasixbyappleblooms.blogspot.com
Here she is! Thank you so much, Apple :)

The dress is Forever21 and the bag, shoes and top from  second hand store. I love second hand stores!!! :D

Breathtaking picture of Thailand

Thailand: A land of energy :)

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