Sunday, June 16, 2013

Special guest: Macedonia, Izabela knows how to use a maxi skirt

Maxi skirts always make your legs look super long if they are under your ankles, and if it comes on an even color, it will be even better. However, if you want to look thin, forget about big prints or about mixing it with another print on top. Izabela obviously knows all these details and that's why I fell in love with her outfit. Besides that, she has an up hairdo and with the skirt, it makes her neck look super long. Kudos!
She is a beautiful Macedonian girl that also has a fashion blog! check it out.
With her skirt, hairdo, and ultra natural makeup, she reminded me of a classic ballet dancer. Isn't she cute?
I defo love the Macedonian style, always different, always chic, always with new ideas for my wardrobe. Sometimes I am scared of maxi skirts, but after looking at her, I think it is time to bring out the maxi dresses I have in my closet and give them a try.
Thank you, Izabela! :)
Red goes perfectly with denim, and to soften it, white is always a good choice. If you use red, try to keep it simple, not many colors more. One or two tops. 
 A long skirt, or even color pants, with an up hairdo will always make you look classy and your neck longer.

 Never forget details! :)

Fabulous Macedonian landscape.

Always in, Macedonia!!

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