Saturday, June 15, 2013

High contrast and a day climbing

I am sorry for not posting anything yesterday, but Andrew and I went climbing on rocks and I ended up super wasted. He took a couple of pictures of me with monkey complex because I decided I was gonna conquer a giant rock, but he didn't let me stay on top of it for long since it was raining. I wanted to go to all the possible holes on the rock, but after almost causing him a heart attack, I had to come down.
Anyway, the outfit of today was a mix between blue and yellow, and I really hope you like it! :)

Jumpsuit: I got it on a sale at Shasa last year for around 11 USD
Shoes: I got them on a market for around 10 USD!
The belt has appeared previously here: 
The necklace and earrings appear here:
The total amount spent on this outfit was 21 USD
The make up is MAC and Chanel

And here is me climbing ;)

And finally on the top!
Sorry about the quality, but it was raining!! :)
Read you soon!!
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