Sunday, June 16, 2013

Stripes, flowers and a humming bird

Andrew and I bought a humming bird feeder a couple of days ago hoping to get some of them every now and then, since we live on the third floor and the cars and people walking by don't bother them. But we never expected the success of the little feeder. We have humming birds pollution! They come all day long, with or without rain and we can see them gulping their nectar and somehow calling other humming birds. And  even better, each day they become less shy and fly around the balcony for some minutes, and sit somewhere, either on the fence, on a plant or on the feeder, allowing us to see them. I haven't cought them on pic while flying but Greenie (It is green, of course), perfectly noticed me and yet he let me take some pictures of him. Was so cool!
And about the outfit, I got inspired in an outfit Taylor Tomassi Hill was wearing with a stripes top, and flowers skirt, but since it was a little bit chilly, instead of black boots, I went for tights. I hope you like it :).

The top has appeared previously here: 
The sweater has appeared previously here:
So the total amount spent on this outfit was nothing!! 

The makeup:
Is MAC and Chanel


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