Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Special guest: Claudia from Spain and a wonderful vintage vibe

After being in a vintage market all day, my beautiful friend Claudia, decided to wear a vintage inspired dress. I think it was a great idea! I met her on IFB, and she was sweet and cool and I checked her blog out and I loved it. Even though she is super young, she has an awesome sense of style :)
Her blog url is: http://clauture.blogspot.com.es/ Check it out! :)
She has many nice outfits but when I see vintage inspired outfits I fall for them and I get super jealous (in a good way) because they don't look good on me. They add me like 20 years of age!!!
So, well, to me, she looks gorgeous. Thank you so much, Claudia!
 Fabulous hair!

Love her shoes!!

❤ Spain 

I invite you all to check my FB, it has the best pictures from all the bloggers, street stylers, makeup and me :)

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