Friday, September 27, 2013

Printed pants and a beautiful house

Beautiful Nadia:
Two days ago I had a fantastic dinner at Cristina's place. She had some friends from Spain and the Czech Republic coming, and Diosa (Venezuela-Jamaica) and me (Mexico). Everybody made a fabulous dish (I ate like a pig!!!) including an aubergine lasagna (without pasta, low carb and bloody delicious!!), guacamole, salmon rolls, two different types of salads, and wine!
It was the first time I met Gema and Cecilia, and I was defo missing some latin blood in Norway. Super loud, and protagonist (and I mean it in a good way, hehe).
And well, Cristina's place is soooo beautiful that even if this blog is not about decoration, I had to take some pictures. And well, I love Nadia's style (Czech Republic). She always uses something funky as a hat or in this case I loved her printed pants with brown boots!

I love the boots and that you can see the socks :)

The pants are awesome!


 An awesome view and sunlight!

Light colors on the walls and contrast on the paintings and pillows, love this!

Everybody having a great time! From left: Diosa (Venezuela-Jamaica), Cristina (Spain), Gema and Cecilia (Canary Islands) and Nadia (Czech Republic), The crazy Mexican was a little bit drunk but managed to take the picture! :)

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