Friday, September 20, 2013

Mix and match

 Ultra long stockings under the boots to keep me warm.
Hi! Last days were horribly rainy in Norway, and since we live in a cabin, it is quite an adventure to go out, because in the forest, either you have a raincoat or not, you are gonna get wet!! Today was one of the first days with sunlight but still cold, and a little bit of rain every now and then.
But before winter comes and I can't use my skirts anymore with like 3 pairs of leggins, here is the outfit used two days ago! :)
I love mixing two prints.

The coat (IT IS FAUX!!)

And my pony:
They are Filly!! Does anyone else in Norway collect them so we can exchange repeated ponies??

Outfit details:
Coat: Kappahl sales (around 30 USD 3 years ago)
Skirt: Flea market (around 1 USD)
Boots: Vintage
Stockings: Vintage
Printed top: Vintage and a gift
Scarf: Borrowed from my mother in law

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