Friday, September 6, 2013

Special guest: Signe, The States meet Germany in neon

I just came up to know an absolutely stunning girl in IFB. Signe. She wrote to me telling me that she just moved to Germany from the States, quite a change! And I immediately got hooked up by her blog. Why? Because she loves second hand stores and markets! And she has managed to get super cool garments even from Salvation Army stores! Check her blog!
She is perky, has the cutest smile, and she manages to create really unique outfits practically out of the nothing. You gotta love this girl!!
I picked this outfit because I am terrified to use neon colors. And she manages to make her pants look amazing. I would have never thought about mixing neon with a print, but somehow she makes it work!! The eagle on her top + the neon pants= ultra cool.
And here she is.
Thank you so much for letting me use your pictures!!

I've talked a lot in previous entries about how much I love USA and Germany, so let's skip it, but remember that they rule!! 

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