Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Special guest: Kristine, Boho chic from the USA mountains

And now let me introduce you to my most recent fashion blogger discovery: Kristine. She is an stunning girl from New Mexico and after she wrote to me in IFB, I totally fell in love with her ultra relaxed style. Jeans are most in her wardrobe, and comfy tees. I've tried to wear what she does and the style doesn't feet me at all. I look like a boy! That's why I liked her style so much. It is very hard (for me) to wear jeans, baggy cardigans, denim or squares, and still look feminine and chic.
Here is her blog's url! Must check! www.pugglewearsprada.blogspot.com
Thank you so much, Kristine, you are adorable and I love your smile!!!

 This is one of the outfits I liked the most because I am in love with the heat and the broken denim jeans!!

But if you follow this blog you know I am crazy about pets and all kinds of animals, so I had to show to my readers her beautiful dog: Zooey :)
The tshirt matches the dog!!!

❤ USA!! 

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