Saturday, September 7, 2013

Special guest: Simona from Slovakia knows how to wear it!!

Not long ago I got in Independent Fashion Bloggers a friend request from Simona. I was impressed after I checked her blog, about she just being 16  years old and already having a sensational taste for fashion. Her blog is fresh, full of youth and beautiful and colorful pictures: (Good news! her blog is in English!!).
It was really hard for me to pick an outfit because I love the way she uses all the stuff she wears, but I went for this one, because in my birth country, Mexico, girls never use flowers on their head. I think they are scared they are gonna look ridiculous, but I totally disagree. They are the perfect accessory to look fresh and colorful. And well, we don't have to go again to the point that I absolutely love animals, and I couldn't resist the picture with the dog!!! :) And well, the flower matches her blazer!!
Thank you so much, Simona!! You are beautiful and adorable!

❤ ❤ Slovakia!! ❤ 

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