Thursday, September 5, 2013

High contrast and my new passion

I just talked two entries ago of my passion for high contrasts. And I think (as I said before) that perhaps the most powerful one is yellow and black. Just remember that if you are gonna wear these 2 colors together, you are defo gonna be the center of attention. I went to the mall after the pictures and everyone was staring at me, so, it is better for a party or a cocktail than for a classy restaurant or for a mall. But if you want to feel the sensation of everyone around noticing you, go for it. Just keep a smile on you :)

Outfit details:
Jumpsuit: Bikbok sales (was a present but costed 1 USD!!!)
Tights: I got them around 6 months ago for around 3 USD

My new passion:
I belong to my little pony generation. When I was a little girl, I tried to get every single pony that came to the market and my room was fool with ponies here and there, ponies houses and ponies accessories, but maybe, just maybe you remember that in the early 90's, there was released a collection called Petite Ponies from My Little Pony. I got crazy. They were tiny, tiny (about an inch long) and they had a little city with a carousel, ice cream store, and all kinds of things. For me, was the best product from My Little Pony ever, but the collection didn't last long and there were still many items missing in my collection and I missed the rest of my childhood toys I never had. But some days ago I was walking with Andrew and I found these!!!!

They are around one inch long, have houses, cities, castles, and they are adorable. Can you guess who or what they are? I'll give you a clue: They DON'T belong to My Litte Pony collections.
But I feel like the happiest girl ever and I feel as if I was 8 years old again!!! I need them all!

Dear Santa: This Xmas I want ALL the collection of these ponies
Dear Big Pumpkin: This Halloween I want the collection of ALL these ponies
Dear Wise Men: This New Year's Eve I want the collection of ALL these ponies
Dear ❤ Andrew : On my Birthday I want the collection of ALL these ponies 
Dear mom: This Xmas I want ALL the collection of these ponies :)

I'll introduce the rest of my new pony family members to you soon, and let you know who they are ;)

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