Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The pink jersey and the spider

It is no surprise that I love high contrasts: Yellow-black, black-white, white-red, pink-black, etc., so, this outfit must not be surprise. I remind you that when you don't have many pairs of shoes (like in my case in Norway), a great option to enlighten them or to make them feel different is adding socks in all kinds of colors. They are the same, but since the main attention goes to the color aside or to the contrast (or combination), it feels totally as a different pair, and it is a great option when you have to wear the same pair once and again. Socks are cheap, and give a total twist to your outfits.
About the outfit, I was shooting these pictures with my tripod, on the garden, when I noticed that a European Garden Spider that been working all day on its spider net. Of course I didn't dare to touch it, but I thought its colors were amazing (sometimes we should follow nature on our fabric prints) and it was not aggressive at all. It perfectly noticed the lens but continued doing its spider things and "modelling", so after a fabulous photo session with a spider, I thought my day had been productive :)

The Makeup:
 Everything with MAC and Chanel products:
I am using concealer in different tones, foundation in 2 tones, powder, eyeshadow in black and white, white eye pencil, liquid eyeliner, eyebrow mascara and permanent lipstick

The spider:

Outfit details:
Belt: Vintage
Leggins: Vintage
The socks were less than 1 USD in a local market in Mexico

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