Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I wanna live in the 60's

If there is something that attracts me from the 60's and 70's... OK... lets recapitulate, there is not like one thing: there are MANY THINGS!!!: the colors, the funky music, the crazy hair, the massive eyelines, the change of culture, low cut pants, the crazy films, giant accessories, boots in all colors and lengths, flowers, psychedelic prints, all kind of artists that became a boom in those awesome days...
I know there were many social problems, but you can't tell me that this era doesn't have them ;) .
So, inspired in a very iconic character of the 60's: Edie Sedgwick with super tiny black dresses and boots, ultra long earrings and a cigarette.
I created this outfit with a super tiny dress and boots. I shouldn't be using tights, but the weather was chilly. And about the eyeline tutorial, it is coming soon :) But I think I', gonna be trying every now and then to recreate some 60's and 70's outfits!!
I wanna thank Cristina for welcoming us in her beautiful house (pictures tomorrow), where the pics of today were shot, and to all her wonderful friends for the great time: Nadia, Gema, Cecilia, and my beloved friend Diosa :)

Outfit details:
Dress: Vintage
White Top: Vintage
Scarf used as hairband: Vintage

The Beautiful Edie Sedgwick (1943-1971, recognized as vogue as the first It Girl, although the term already existed)
Always smoking a with an ultra dramatic eyeline

With his mentor and best friend/arch enemy Andy Warhol

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