Thursday, September 12, 2013

Special guest: Sally-Louise, the expression has a face and its in the UK!

Sally!! When she wrote to me in IFB I immediately checked her blog and I couldn't believe her looks. She looks (to me) just as a red head Marilyn Monroe! A super curvy figure with a tiny, tiny weist, awesome red lipstick and the prettiest nose I've ever seen. I got hooked right away with her super expressive face, and her style, although classy, has a very funky twist. And reading even more, I found out that she designs clothes, OMG! She is really talented. And of course I wouldn't miss the chance to show in my blog a super beautiful girl that rocks in what she does!! Check her blog!!
She uses a lot of colors but I went for this outfit because everybody knows how much I love monochrome, but also the transparent bag totally gave a new twist to her outfit, apparently simple, but it is not always easy to make the perfect mix with monochrome. Thank you so much, Sally, you rock and I love your style, and I loooove the UK!!!
 When I was a teenager I was dying to be a redhead :)

 Legs to kill for :)

 I love her shoes and the pose here in what I guess is her workshop!!! :)

❤ UK!! 

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