Sunday, September 22, 2013

Using warm colors in a grey day is funnier!

I don't like those kind of days when besides rain it is totally dark grey all the time. For some reason I feel sad. Maybe it is an early days memory I can't remember, or maybe it is just the idea of darkness during the day that I don't like. However, in order to not stay in bed the whole day when this happens (because sadly I can't control the weather), I use light warm colors (maybe mixed with black or something else, but still, warm), that make me feel shiny and full of life, and it works!! So, if you don't like grey days, you should try it! It really changes your mood! :)

Outfit details:
Cardigan: Borrowed from my mother in law
Leggins: Vintage

Amount spent on this outfit: Nothing

The makeup:
Retro look. Long black eyeline (not too thick)
My fav. brands: Chanel, Dior, MAC, Bobbi Brown and L'Oréal (I'm trying a new primer from Benefit now, lets see how it goes) 
My fav. brands of creams and serums: Vichy, Eucerin, Avéne and Aderma
Dou you wanna know what products I use?? :)

Do I ever use homemade treatments or masks? YES!

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