Thursday, September 5, 2013

Special guest: From Bosnia and Herzegovina, Filipa knows how to wear it

And again, I met an absolutely lovely girl from Bosnia & Herzegovina. I've already shown in previous entries awesome bloggers from that country and I totally love their style, the way they write and how friendly they are. I met Filipa as an Independent Fashion Blogger member, and I checked her blog: . Something that really caught my eye is that she loves urban landscapes (who doesn't) and she manages to photograph them with a lot of feeling. I almost felt I was in a journey in her home town (Tuzla)!!! She immediately agreed in sharing her pictures and well, the reason why I picked this outfit is very simple: The converse touch. It is a white preppy dress, perfect for a day party, but with the converse it has a total twist on it, making it look casual, and even a little bit grunge. She keeps it simple, minimalist, and ultra cool. Fabulous! And well... the wall behind her is awesome!
Thank you so much, Filipa! Love your blog!!

Einstein and Isadora Duncan together!! Love the painting!

❤ Bosnia & Herzegovina 

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