Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Jean Tierney inspired Makeup Tutorial

Firstly, I wanna say that after being super ill all week, I am back!! Nothing serious but I was feeling really bad. Anyway I am back and ready to rock!
Second... let's talk about Jean Tierney. You might know by now that I love olden days divas, retro style, Golden Hollywood fashion and beauty icons, etc, etc. And previously I had makeup tutorials inspired in Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.
Today is Jean Tierney's turn. Her style is way much neater than the other divas I've mentioned, and also more sober (if you compare). Still, I love them all. It is quite simple to achieve it, and if you want to look kind of natural but also sensual (a dinner on a fancy restaurant is a good example) you can go for this look..
It is quite easy!
What made her so unique? Her amazing cheek bones and her perfect eyebrows (I have none of them but I'll do my best).

1._ Use primer and foundation the way I showed you before
and the concealer tricks you might need:

Now the makeup:
1._It is very important that you accentuate your cheek bones with either darker concealer, brown eye shadow or a darker foundation, that is the key of the look. 
2._ Add a tad of blush, preferably on a peach tone (a touch of orange on the color)
3._ The lips just need a line the same color or a little bit darker and one single layer of lipstick, Jean Tierney always used it red but I don't like how I look with it so I went for a dark pink. If you want the look more sober, go for a non shiny color. 

The eyes:
4._ The eyebrows have to be super neat, so paint on them with just ONE layer of soft brown eye shadow, even if your hair is darker or a different color. It is more a frame than the actual color what matters in this case.
5._ Cover your whole eyelid with the same color of eye shadow the closest color you find to your skin tone. Nothing else.
6._ Make a very soft eye line with black EYE SHADOW (Don't use eyeliner or pencil for this look!!!) below and above the eye. The thinnest the better. 
7._ Put false eyelashes only on the outer corner of the eyes.
8._ Add two layers of mascara on the upper and lower eyelashes. 

And you're done!!

Jean Tierney

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