Monday, December 9, 2013

Special guest: Cute Cheska from the Philippines

This entry is a little bit different, it is the first time I perform an interview. We'll see what the reaction is about it, and I might keep on interviewing my special guests. Cheska gave me the idea, and I loved it!!
Let me introduce you to lovely Cheska, from Philippines. She has a blog with a very personal (girly and sweet style) and some of her shots are on the astonishing city of Manila (I can't wait to go!!!) Here is her blog: Check it out! She (as her style) has a sweet and cheerful personality, I wanna hold her :)
The reason why I picked this outfit is because I love colors, but I never use pastel colors (don't know how), and I thought she looked adorable with it them. Perfect match and loyal to her sweet style.
The interview with Cheska:

1._ How and when did you get interested in fashion?
Probably when I was about 7! My mom stopped picking out my clothes for me because I had a sense of what worked and what didn’t. It also helped that my parents are both adept to fashion related things.

2._ How would you describe your style?
My style is actually a mix of extremes. It’s a mélange of grunge, girly, and some boho thrown in there. Or in other words, hipster.

3._ Who is your fashion icon?
Vanessa Hudgens, Kate Moss, Ariana Grande, and Cher Lloyd to name a few! Very fitting for my age.

4._ Which is your favorite trend ever?
My favorite trend at the moment would have to be snapbacks and skater skirts!

5._ What would you like to achieve in the fashion world?
I would like to be able to make my mark as a stylist. I want to be able to show that young people like me can make a huge difference in the fashion world. I also want to project the fact that Filipino people are extremely creative and unique in regards to fashion.

6._ What would you like to achieve with your blog?
Basically just to share my ideas and inspirations; to put myself out there in hopes of inspiring other people too.

7._ What advise would you give to fashion bloggers?
Just stay true to your style, what you believe in, and only listen to constructive criticism!

8._ What would you say is your biggest quality?
I’m the type of person who never really gives in to other people’s demands or criticism. I handle judgment quite well.

9._ Tell me something about you, anything!
I absolutely adore One Direction!

10._ Shoes, clothes, accessories or makeup?
I love all of those things, but I’d have to say clothes. Before I got into all those other stuff, my number one love has always been clothes.

Thank you so much, Cheska!! You are adorable! 

♥ Philippines ♥

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