Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Purple on purple

Did you miss me, lovelies? Long, long week. I'm sorry I didn't post anything, but first, I caught a cold, then I dedicated the rest of the week to remodel my room because (as always) I am super delayed! Anyway if you are following me on Instagram, ONE wall (out of four) is (finally done), same as the roof and probably the window frame will be ready tomorrow. And after all that work, my poor hands were super stiff to use the computer or edit pictures and even to type! But finally my hand is better!! Yay!!! So I'm back ready to rock! Missed you all!
And well, as you know, I always try to keep it fun, so to add some life to this darker and shorter days, here is the result:

Outfit details: 
Top: A gift from my friend Maricarmen

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