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Special guest: Lovely Janae, USA

To read the Interview to beautiful Janae, scroll down until the end of this entry ♥
I've always been fascinated by the "dark" skin colors: olive, brown, black, etc. They have a smoothness and a shine on their skin that no white, pink or yellow skin will ever have (I am not complaining about my color, but I love the other colors as well). And when I found out this beautiful set of pictures of Janae, I immediately got hooked up because her skin on the sun looks fabulous, amazing! Full of life! 
Janae contacted me a couple of days ago with the idea to interview each other and I loved it! I had been previously in her blog and she is one of the best fashion analysts I've ever met. She knows about trends, brands, designers, icons... so if you want tips on what's new on the runway and the biggest trends, you have to check her blog:
And finally, the reason why I picked this outfit, is because some countries are warmer than others, and this is still a perfect autumn-winter outfit, if your country is not one of the coldest :) I love the colors.

The Interview

How and when did you get interested in fashion?
I have had an interest in fashion since I was 12 or 13. I would say around that age it was more of trying different styles and getting a feel for for it. As I grew up, closer to 16, I got more into trend tracking and paying greater detail to the depth of fashion. I read Lucky religiously and once Lucky ran its course pages would end up on my closet door. My closet doors doubled as my inspiration broad. Vogue, Instyle, Seventeen, Vanity Fair loaded my bookshelf. Fashion to me was always second nature but it wasn’t until I was 19 that I really thought ”I love doing this, so why not make this into a career. My interest in fashion is still growing as I am learning more and more about it and the many areas of fashion.

How would you describe your style?
My style actually depends more on the day and the mood. I generally always lean towards a more tailored feminine look. Skirts and dresses but I like to have fun with my style so I am a color junkie! My closet looks like a rainbow. I like to look put together enough that it looks effortless!

Who is your fashion icon?
This may sound cliche but I find Coco Chanel to be so inspiring. I feel that I connect with her story. The way she grew up, they way she made a living for herself, and so forth. She was such an innovator in the fashion field. She changed fashion and I want to be able to have an impact even it is in a small way. Although I find Chanel to be the most Inspiring. I am in love Alexander McQueen’s designing. I also stay up to date with his looks, whether they are on the red carpet or on the runway!

Which is your favorite trend ever?
My favorite trend ever would be the French Editor.

What would you like to achieve in the fashion world?
My goals for the fashion world is to become a journalist. I love writing and I love writing about fashion! In hopes to start my own magazine or some type of fashion business. I am currently still working out the details. Haha

What would you like to achieve with your blog?
I want my blog to be inspiring to other people! I want to be a good voice for aspiring young people. I have three younger sisters so I am ultimately a role model to them and I want to be able to reach out to other people who may need a positive voice.

What advise would you give to fashion bloggers?
I would have to say do your research! I was blogging for a good 6 months until I finally was like ”Hmm I should read up on how to start a blog and what not.” It is crazy how much your approach changes when you have some background info.
Be patience and Be Persistent. All about the follow through.
NEVER lose love for what you are doing!!

What would you say is your biggest quality?
I would say one of my bigger qualities is my creative. I find that it has helped with solve problem, thinking outside of the box, staying different when it comes to styling, and etc!

Tell me something about you, anything!
I was adopted at the age of 11. That has always remained as a flame to do the best I can and continue to achieve! SO I live by the philosophy that I was given a second chance! So why not make the best of it!

Shoes, clothes, accessories or makeup?
Hard one! In between Shoes and clothes! I have such a huge collection of both. But when I shop I am always drawn to either shoes or clothes! I do not think I could choose in between them because I LOVE them both!

Lovely interview!!!
Thanks so much, Janae!

♥♥ USA ♥♥

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