Saturday, December 7, 2013

Special guest: Allie rocks! USA

Today I'm gonna introduce you to beautiful cheerful Allie, from the USA. Her style is versatile, she mixes prints and textures (without being really edgy), in a very original and unique way, she has the loveliest smile from ear to ear, and if you like tartan, stripes, squares, a mixture of fabrics, always with an innocent touch, her blog is the place for you!
I'm gonna skip my good comments to the States this time but you know by now how much I love them
The reason why I picked this outfit is because not long ago, shorts were considered nothing as formal or daily clothes, was something we used to clean the car and walk on the beach, and even on the city, if you wanted to use tights or leggins, it had to be with a skirt, never with a short. Thanks to whoever we have to thank for that change. You can now use shorts in a formal outfit, and even go to work with them... and the tights make them definitely perfect for Autum. Have you checked her boots? I love them! And well... I love tartan!
Thank you so much, Allie!

 If you don't feel to comfy wearing too many dark colors, add a funky touch, like her bag! :)

♥♥ USA ♥♥

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