Thursday, December 19, 2013

Special guest: Ashley from the USA, chic in Winter

I know I haven't been making properly winter entries, since in Mexico (although many complain it is cold) is not nearly as cold (I don't think it is EVEN cold) as in some countries where I have readers up in the North, like USA, Canada, Norway, Russia, and on and on, so, for this entry I thought Ashley was totally perfect. Looking chic and staying warm in winter!! :)
She is a beautiful fashion blogger from the USA, with great sense of style, and all kinds of outfits, so I would recommend you to check her blog:  If you love pants, as well, you should check it because, as you might have noticed (or known), since I don't like to wear them, I am not good at having new ideas with them, she manages to use them in most of her outfits always looking girly! Love it :)
And finally, the reason why I picked this outfit, is because the vest broke the black block making her look awesome, classy and with a touch of life (very needed in winter), and it is the perfect example on looking good even if you have to cover your entire body! :)
Thank you so much, Ashley!

♥♥ USA ♥♥

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