Saturday, December 7, 2013

Special guest: Delightful Nicole, from Canada

What makes a girl pretty besides a beautiful face, a nice body and a gorgeous hair? A nice skin, personality, intelligence, and for me... Originality! Nicole is from Canada and she has all these qualities. She manages to have a very particular style, kind of comfortable without being baggy, and girly still if she uses some "boy" pieces suck as loose pants, tees, flat shoes and squares. I have no clue of how she makes it, but if I tried I would really look like a boy! I adore the way she gets her combinations, and of course the final result. She always adds a touch, on the shoes, a piece of clothes, hair or accessory, that gives a twist to her outfit making it look really unique. Check her blog! .
And the reason why I picked this outfit is because I absolutely loved the boy shirt used as a jacket on top of the dress. Makes it less romantic, still girly, but edgy and totally different to what we are used to see. And the shirt keeps you warm but not THAT warm, actually now that I am in Mexico that would be awesome for our "Autumn" that is not nearly as cold as in USA, Canada or Europe.
Thank you so much, Nicole! And love Canada!

♥♥ Canada ♥♥

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