Monday, December 9, 2013

Special guest: "Clueless" Patricia, from the UK

I've been posting many entries recently but it is because I am super delayed!!! Arg! Since I came back to Mexico I haven't had enough time to find my head. The idea was to "remodel" my room asap so I could start working again in private consultations or photography shots (since the room is very, very big), but a main problem is that it was a thousand times more job than I expected (not nearly finished today), and the other one is that I have nervous dermatitis on my hands and every now and then I get a very bad rash on them that makes me stop a couple of days (either if I don't want to) and still, since I took everything out of the room while fixing the walls, painting, putting shelves and all that, the entire apartment looks like a mess (my mom is about to kill me), I don't have money to pay a house worker or a carpenter to finish in 1/10 the time I would take, and still, besides remodeling (at turtle speed, but I am still working on it), I need to find time somehow to work here (because I LOVE my blog, and I'm happy to say it is growing up a lot!!), taking some pictures and some photography jobs, and of course, take care of my animals: the cat, the dog and the turtles (between many other things).So, I wish the day was 48 hours long now and my hands were fine, but since today I have the rash (it doesn't hurt or anything, but I can't work on the room), I am trying to do something productive and work in some of the delayed entries I have to write. I feel terrible because I would like to make magic and put the entries of many of my special guests at once because I hate to keep them waiting and because they are awesome and I can't wait for my readers to see them!!!! Arg, arg, arg!
After my super long speech, let me introduce you to my wonderful guest: Patricia. Don't you love Asian features? I am crazy about them. The cheek bones, the tiny nose, and the slanted eyes. They are so cute!!! To me they look like dolls. Patricia is from the UK, but obviously she has some Asian ascendance and I am so jealous!! Her face is beautiful!!
She has a quite recent blog but I think it is gonna be a success because her style is super original, and quite eclectic: jeans, skirts, prints, dresses, accessories, and even some makeup reviews! I'm sure you'll like it:
Beauty, personality and style ;) A perfect special guest!
The reasons why I picked this outfit are many: first, I am into pink right now, you might know it and I love love love her bag, and the skirt with a soft pink; I love eclectic combinations as boots, socks, squares and all that and I thinks she manages to look amazing because she is using a lot of elements and still she doesn't look saturated, and I think the clue is that the grey of her sweater, the pink of her skirt and the blue of her socks are soft colors that go very well together. And finally, because she got inspired in the movie Clueless!! Do you remember it? It came out in the 90's. I loved it! And still, I think the modern twist, made her look even better.
Thank you so much, Patricia!

♥♥ UK ♥♥

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