Sunday, December 22, 2013

Special guest: Cute Abegail, from Philippines

What to do in the parties if you are not comfy wearing shiny or solid colors and still you wanna look chic and stand out? Go for monochrome, like Chanel. Black and white is always times and because of the contrast, powerful! :)
In this case, Abby (Abegail), from Philippines is the great example, because I've used so many outfits in monochrome, that I thought would be a better idea to show someone else. She is nice, lovely, with a very nice and sweet style, and full of ideas in her blog, from my beloved Philippines, and although, she didn't wear this outfit for the end of the year parties, it is good all year round!
Her blog talks about food, fashion, travel and photography. She is a very nice inspiration! Check it out :)
If you wanna stand out even more, choose an outfit like a scarf, necklace, earrings or shoes with a solid color, like she is doing with the necklace :)

♥♥ Philippines ♥♥

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