Monday, December 2, 2013

Special guest: Delightful Ivana, from Mauritius

Yay! Here is my first guest from Mauritius! And she does look like a supermodel! Do you know what good envy is? I feel envy because she has incredible looks and the most wonderful legs ever, but she is so nice and she has been super sweet with me, I also feel happy for her and all I can do is wish her success with her blog! So I would translate that as good envy, or happy envy, hehe. Gotta love this girl!
She is stylish but with a tiny edgy and sexy touch, even with the most sober outfits, and I love that because she adds her personal touch, she has a beautiful tanned skin, and a lovely warm smile. You'll like her blog, check it out! :)
The reason why I picked this outfit is because, as you might now I don't like green (on me), but I know that it looks fabulous in some girls (as her), specially if you have a soft tan on you, and I also looooove to mix prints, so, flowers, tiny squares and green shoes and jersey (for me) make a perfect outfit, a little bit edgy, but still super classy and chic. Have you seen her shoes? Love them!
Thank you so much, Ivana!!

 With those shoes, I would defo give green a try!


A picture of Mauritius fascinating beaches! I wanna go!

♥♥ Mauritius ♥♥

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