Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Special guest: Lovely Andra, Romania

Andra is the lovely face you see on the pictures of this entry. She is from Romania (that you know I love, and where I was 2 years ago), but she lives in the UK. Stylish, pretty, and excellent blogger, she doesn't need a bigger introduction.
The pink skirt (in this case it is a dress, but if you just see the bottom, looks as a skirt) is becoming a must in every girl's wardrobe, and obviously she knows that very good! In her blog you will find excellent and affordable decoration ideas (I love decor), and some fabulous dishes recipes. I wish she could cook for me once... she defo looks really skilled! And well, of course, style and color!
Check it out!
And the reason why I picked this outfit is because I loved how she combined the softness and sweetness of pink with a leather jacket, leather big black bag, and boots. As you know I love contrasts, and I think she gets this one right. The way to go if you don't wanna look too sweet, neither like a biker! And because today, I used a pink skirt as well! Funny thing. You'll see the pics tomorrow!
Thank you so much, beautiful Andra! ♥♥

A transparent umbrella is a most for all designers. I have to get one!

♥♥ Romania and the UK ♥♥

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