Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Purely by accident: My first guest post

After I entered the Independent Fashion Bloggers community, I've met a lot of cool people, many of them featured in my blog, as Miranda, that previously appears here:
http://dhariascloset.blogspot.mx/2013/10/special-guest-beautiful-miranda-from.html ; and we have been in touch for quite sometime, I just love her, she is one of those persons whom you immediately feel a connection...
We are so different but yet so alike, and she is so full of life and has a beautiful spirit, that I feel so happy to know her!! Can't wait to meet her in person. She is of those persons that make you feel warm once you know them because they welcome you in their life like if they have known you for ever! And she also has the fabulous quality that I have to learn from her: She can get really happy with tiny details and moments! For me, a heart of gold, as hers, and the ability to feel happy with what you have, whatever that is, defo make a person like that a blessing in your life!
Anyway, she invited me to write my first guest post, in her blog!!! I was so lucky. But since she is so deep and sensitive, I pushed myself a little bit farther, and I wrote something that I never thought I would... A big, big confession of how I have felt about my appearance. A very difficult one, that honestly I don't think I would have been able to publish here. So, I also thank her because taking those little things out of the system are always a healing for the soul. And here is the ulr: http://purelybyaccident.blogspot.com/ Also, you will know her blog, that is full of beautiful messages, pictures, and a lot of things you will love.
And here, more concretely is the entry I wrote for my awesome friend: (PART 1) http://purelybyaccident.blogspot.mx/2013/12/guest-post-dharia-from-dharias-closet.html
(PART 2): http://myrabev.blogspot.mx/2013/12/guest-post-dharia-from-dharias-closet.html
I am not religious, and I have said it many times before, but I do believe in faith, and "blessed" is the best term for what I feel to have so wonderful people in my life.
Thank you Miranda!

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