Sunday, December 22, 2013

Special guest: Kirsten, USA, keeping a colorful winter

Not long ago I posted what it looked like a "summer" outfit, even if for Mexican standards (since I am in Mexico now) 10 or 15 C + it is considered cold, while in some other countries as Australia or South Africa they are in the mid summer, many of the northern Countries are freezing. Then I received a comment saying that although the outfit was great, was impossible to wear in the country where my reader was. But well, since you might have noticed, this blog is about world fashion, so I don't think is fair to show just winter outfits, when in some countries it is actually hot, or viceversa, so I keep on "changing seasons" on purpose, but for my lovely readers that are freezing right now, lovely Kiersten is a great example of a warm winter outfit, still looking chic, and of course, colorful, to avoid the winter depression since the days are shorter and (I still don't understand why) almost everybody dresses in black. Avoid black if your Country has just few hours of light, I've practiced in Norway and I promise you you'll feel less gloomy!
Kiersten is a super sweet sophomore, stylish, and her blog is full of low cost outfit ideas that I love because she uses a lot of color! Check it out!
Scarfs and pants are a must in her wardrobe, so if you have lack of imagination for these days, staying warm and looking cheerful and chic, you defo have to stop here.
Thank you so much, Kiersten!

♥♥ USA ♥♥

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