Monday, January 6, 2014

Audrey Hepburn inspired makeup

What's not to love about Audrey? Beautiful, with a super innocent look, talented, charismatic, with a gorgeous face. Definitely a fashion and beauty icon. Of course I'll never look like her, but she is a true inspiration, that reminds us the 60's and a lot of class.
So inspired in this Goddess, here is a little tutorial.

Her look was very natural but with a big accentuation on the eyes. So that's our main point to consider during this tutorial. The colors on the rest of the face are gonna be totally neutral.

1._ Prepare your face with foundation the way I showed you in these entry:

2._ Sculpt or fix any problem you would have in your face with the concealer tricks:
(I made my nose straight and gave some shape to my cheek bones)

3._ If you want more resemblance to Audrey you must have an up do because her hair up was iconic. Not really matter how as long as you have volume on the back and a tiny forelock to the side.

4._ Audrey had thick eyebrows and all the expression of her makeup was on her eyes (and eyebrows), so, be brave and line them however you prefer (eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, etc) a tad thicker than you usually do. I used a regular brush and eye shadow.

4._ You need two colors of eye shadow on the upper lid. Beige or natural under the eyebrow to the crease and then from the crease to the eyelashes, a light brown will be fine.

5._ The eyeliner is the most important step on the process because it will give the shape to your eyes.
Start with a thin line on the inside corner of the eye and then pull it making it thicker to the outside corner, but before getting to the end, pull it up. That will make your eyes more open. I drew the shape under the original eye line hoping it will help.

6._ Eye line with black eye shadow under the eye. It is very important it is eye shadow because we want a soft effect. There is not any other eye shadow or  eyeliner under the eye. 

7._ Put fake eyelashes on the entire upper eyelid.That's also a very important step on the process.

8._ Add two layers of mascara up and down.

9._ Add a touch of white glossy eye shadow,  just a pat on your cheek bones to enlighten your whole face. This look has no blush.

10._ Paint your lips in a pink or nude tone. I made it glossy to make it more modern but if you wanna go to the original look it is better if it doesn't shine. No lip liner to keep the lips really soft.

Now the final result with retro colors:

I hope you liked it!!

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