Thursday, January 30, 2014

Special guest: Little Mermaid Zhanna, Russia

When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with the Walt Disney princesses... Do you remember them? And I was specially "traumatized" with the little mermaid, she was not just beautiful and had a lovely voice, she had the cutest man on Earth: Erik. I think I must had seen the movie at least 25 times... I memorized all the dialogs and I knew that I wanted a bf as Erik and infinite long red hair and blue eyes as her... and Zhanna. But in this case, instead of Denmark, our Ariel belongs to fantastic Russia! :)

Before looking at her amazing taste in the fabulous pictures she has in her blog and that I am sure you're gonna love too, I got hooked up by her infinite red hair... Ariel! I wonder if she can sing as beautifully as Ariel does! They have the same nose, the same eyes, the same hair, the same beautiful body (of course when Ariel was human), and besides that, a wonderful eclectic taste, ready for ANY occasion, with a perfect personal touch and a lot of personality. You can check it out here:
Later on, although I will always love Ariel, I thought I had more things in common with Belle (as the brown hair), because she was a geek, like me in my teens. :) And about you, my lovely readers, who is your favorite Disney Princess? Here is a list if you don't remember them all: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Jasmine, Tiana, Ariel, Belle, Mulan, Esmerala, Rapunzel, and more recently Anna and Elsa, but I hadn't seen Frozen yet, what about you?
And the reason why I chose this outfit, is because although her taste and style are impeccable, in here she has an awesome combination of different style an trend pieces making them work perfectly! Love it!
Thank you so much, Zhanna!
And about you, my lovely readers, who is your favorite Disney Princess?

And... the Disney Princesses!!! Which one would you like to be an which one do you feel more identified with?
Ariel: She just looks like Zhanna, and my favorite

Elsa and Anna, need to watch the movie

Belle: I feel the most identified with her

Esmeralda: She should be in the list of princesses

Jasmine: Who doesn't want a sweet tiger as pet? :)

Mulan: She would be my friend Adriana, a true fighter

Pocahontas: Brave and strong

Rapunzel: So sweet!

Snow White:  So many animal friends and 7 dwarfs doesn't sound bad at all!

Tiana: Dreams come true!

Aurora: Although Ariel was my favorite, I always wanted a prince as Phillip

Cinderella: Keep your principles and ethics and the destiny will keep it in mind :)

♥♥ Russia ♥♥

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