Saturday, January 25, 2014

Special guest: Unique Saretta, USA

I love when fellow fashion bloggers, are able to put a touch of their style even in the most sober outfits: crazy shoes, a very weird pair of earrings, texture mixing... wow. And that's the case of astonishing Saretta (USA), no matter what she wears, she always shines, because she adds her touch to everything! She is a master mixing textures, like in this outfit (that's the reason why I went crazy about it), so I think there is a lot to learn from her. I love to make crazy mixes but many times I don't dare to play with textures as I know I could... so her blog is truly inspiring. She is cheerful, unique, edgy, and she is also really good combining pants (I suck at that... one more reason I have to NOT like pants, but as usual, I accept they look really good in many cases, like on her). And the printing of the ones she is wearing is fabulous, contrasting with the kind of pirate blazer she is using.
So, if you want to look girly with many different cuts, colors and textures of pants (she also uses skirts), and to get inspiration to mix textures, her blog is the perfect stop for you:
And the reason why I picked this outfit... is because she looks like an urban pirate, and in one of the pictures she is actually with a pirate!! I love when the outfits get inspired from fantasy, past, literature, etc. Lovely and unique, as her.
Thank you so much, Saretta!

♥♥ USA ♥♥

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