Friday, January 10, 2014

Special guest: Beautiful Lulu, Indonesia

My last post with a special guest was from Indonesia, and this time (without noticing), beautiful Lulu is from Indonesia too! Is it my subconscious begging me to go to Indonesia? Maybe!!
Well, Here is Lulu. Beautiful Indonesian girl, and I am totally in love with her style.
Anyway, although Lulu is wearing a FAUX leather skirt (thanks!!), and you might know by now that I don't use fur or leather, I know I can't avoid mentioning it in a fashion blog, because leather might be very classy! So, still if the skirt was real fur, she looks astonishing.
Back to Indonesia, I'm not gonna bore you too much. But from my research... I love the country! I love the people, I love their style, I love the culture, arcuitecture, everything! And Lulu is no exception to this beautiful people land: pretty, stylish, sweet, cool, relaxed and with personality!!
Check her blog, she has awesome fashion tips!!
And the reason why I picked this outfit is because, it is quite "simple" but she looks really classy (and relaxed, if it is possible to mixed both) and I love the flat shoes, that you know I don't wear often, so, I'm trying to give options to my readers of things I would probably not use, but that still are amazing!
Thank you so much, Lulu!
 I made a small note about what I think about consuming fur, skin and leather products that is at the end of this entry, and explaining it in a very soft way, because I am very sensitive to animal suffering and abuse, please take a chance to read it :). I am not attacking absolutely anyone, just saying what I think. It would mean a lot to me if you consider what I say.

♥♥ Indonesia ♥♥


I hate people that try to impose their ideas like vegetarianism, animal rights, religion, etc. by trying to make you feel bad showing you pictures of animals in pain, of people of other religions killing people (even if you don't even know the situation), videos of animals being tortured... well, I think that you get the point. I invite absolutely everybody that has different ideas, to expose them in a nice way, like a delicious vegetarian dish that invites you to try it instead of a horrible picture full of blood trying to make you feel guilty... To nourish your god showing good things that your religion does for the rest, like charity, feasts for poor people, missions for teenagers in distress, and on and on... there are many NICE ways to show people what you think. I respect ALL ideas, but I don't respect the way sometimes they expose them. 
In my case, I won't judge anyone  for using leather, skin or fur. If you do it it is up to you, I sill will consider anyone reading my blog a friend and I won't ask you to throw away, burn or sell any of your pieces if you have any. It is just that for me, animals are very, very important. And I wanna invite you to read what I have to say about it. Never trying to offend or make anyone feel guilty.
The entire balance of the planet depends of the animals, and the main threat they have in their own habitats is the human! Before the human expanded his horizons, they were happily on their own very strangely messing with us.

They are life beings like us, with feelings, and sensitive to pain. Please keep that in mind... whenever you hurt yourself and you are swearing for ages and how the tiniest accident can make you feel really bad... and then consider that an animal would feel exactly that too. But the fact is that if you don't like suffering, animals don't like it and will never do either! If you don't like your dog howling when you accidentally step on him, why then should we be numb to the rest of the animal kingdom?

I won't tell you how the animals get killed to make a fur or skin garment, because I wanna keep this blog as a happy place, but if you do some research (if you are too sensitive DON'T), you will notice it is not nearly a nice way, and they get killed JUST for the fur, they are not good to be eaten or anything like that. So, a 2000 USD dollar pair of boots, might have killed 3 pythons... and a fox fur jacket... well, many foxes, and then they throw away the remains. And in leather, although I don't use it either (except a pair of boots that was a present that has been with me for more than 10 years) at least the meat has a use too. People eat it, so at least the cycle is more complete.And if your don't wanna buy leather but your piece is old, or was a present, it is better to use it than burn it or throwing it away. At least has a use :)
So, if you want to buy fur or skin, please, please think twice. That's all I am asking. I'm gonna beg you to consider it. You don't NEED it and there are always fabulous options that don't include animals. The only creatures that really need and depend of fur in their lives are the actual animals.

If we stop consuming it they will stop making it (and there are fabulous faux pieces, that sometimes you cannot even difference between the actual fur), and therefore they will stop killing animals just because of human pride, because it is NOT A NEED specially with all the cool new materials and fabrics. No one is gonna stop being my friend for buying it, but still, if we do it less, we will save animals :) and remember, animals feel too, and although they won't know you, you will be saving lives.

If you read my little thoughts about fur and skin, thank you so, so much ♥

Think in them, love them :) 

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