Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Special guest: Dazzling Sarah, USA

Today I am introducing Sarah, from the USA. Lovely, passionate, pretty, stylish, everything! Her blog is a mix of celebrity style and her very particular style, girly with a wild touch that I love. Either a boy accessory, a super big necklace, a nice hat, something always stands out. Love it. Check her blog! http://www.lamechic.com/ Defo Americans have a good taste in fashion! :)
And about the reason why I picked this outfit... it is quite simple! As fabulous and gorgeous as she looks, these are the squares (plaid, tartan) I'll never wear. I admire how girly, sexy, and inspiring she looks but you know by now I almost never wear pants, and mixing them with a plaid shirt, although she looks nice, I feel very far from girly. Remember, if you don't feel comfy and that you look nice with something, don't wear it, otherwise you'll just send awkwardness as a message and therefore you'll look worse than you actually really look like. So, this is not my style at all, but I love many details here that Sarah added to soften her look and become more feminine with a traditionally boyish outfit: First, the hat. Second, the hair down (down and with waves always softens a look). Third: Girly boots (instead of ankle closed boots). Fourth: Feminine jewelry (always a go when you're outfit is not too girly).
And another great option that you can actually try if you like this outfit as much as I like but you don't dare to use it all: Swap the jeans for denim shorts, or a faux leather skirt. Don't forget the hat!!
Thank you so much, Sarah. You look stunning!

♥♥ USA rules!! ♥♥

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