Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Special Guest: Trendy Krisha, Hong Kong

I've always been fascinated about Asian Cultures: history, wisdom, religion, diet, landscapes, fashion, sense of beauty, architecture, and on and on.
For many of us (Occidental cultures), they might be too extravagant or "weird", but of course for them we might be exactly the same. And, as I've said many times before, that differences are what enrich us, and what makes each one of us shine. And talking about shine, my special guest has it.
She is Krisha, from Hong Kong, and I visit her blog all the time, because, since I can't travel to faraway lands, checking blogs from all over the world is the best thing I can do, because there is nothing to hear (and see pictures) from the people that actually lives there, what they do, what they eat, what they like. Then you can picture yourself having a day with them, really learning, instead of going like a tourist and eating where all tourists do. The cool part is to meet and spend time with the locals (Everywhere!!).
 Krisha has a fabulous sense of style, sensibility, awesome face features and a lovely hair! And she also has a very nice blog, where you can see lots of pictures of fashion, makeup and whatever is going on in the fashion/beauty world in Hong Kong. You'll love it!!  http://www.manila-hongkiegirl.blogspot.hk/
About the outfit... was hard to choose since she is super trendy, but I fell in love with her jacket and the shorts.
Thank you, Krisha!

♥♥ Hong Kong ♥♥

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