Thursday, January 23, 2014

Special guest: Eccentric Ilaria, Italy!

Eccentric, edgy, brave, weird (in a good way) might be terms that describe her. Outfits you would never put together, specially if you belong to the old school, she can make them work perfectly! Pajama pants, funky hats, ultra short hair, funky accessories, and a very particular way of seeing life! I love her blog. It always makes me feel optimistic and find motivation to push myself a little bit farther each time I try something new with my style! This is Ilaria, from Italy!
The reason why I picked this outfit is because, although simple, with the twist of yellow on yellow and a yellow bag, she totally stands out :)
Check her blog:
Thank you so much, Ilaria! You rock!

♥♥ Italy ♥♥

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