Sunday, January 5, 2014

Special guest: Delightful Sarah Justine from Canada

Colors in winter!!! If you are in one of those cold northern countries were by now still the days are horribly short and dressing all in dark definitely won't help your mood, but you have no clue of how to style winter clothes in color, you have to visit Sarah's blog:
And since I can't always wear many layers with the crazy weather of Mexico, it is a great chance for the cold Countries readers.
Beautiful Sarah is from Canada (Can't wait to go!!) and for her pictures I think she must live in a beautiful Country town, because she is always surrounded by trees, amazing meadows and lovely landscapes. I think it might be quite alike to Norway in many ways :)
Her style is comfy before any other thing but she always looks super neat and chic! And also if you like lots of decor images, you'll like to visit it. I love those kind of pictures but I don't think I ever had an eye to tiny detail as she does. Perfect for inspiration!
And well... I loved this outfit because it is colorful, warm (she is even using warm colors!), matches her fabulous red hair and because now I know i need a pair of boots on the same color as hers!

And I couldn't resist to show this picture as well with her cats!! ♥♥
Don't you think they are lovely?

♥♥ Canada ♥♥

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