Friday, January 3, 2014

Special guest: Natalie and the Latin fire

There is kind of a rumor in the fashion world about Latins, that is that they don't know how to dress. Wrong!!! Of course if you travel to Mexico, Peru, Colombia (anywhere) you'll find people that might make you wanna ask yourself "wtf is he/she thinking??", but c'mon people! There are persons like that EVERYWHERE!! I've seen people that practically went out in their jammies (well, I have, but just when it is too late and my dog has to go outside, or early in the morning if I need milk or something, but I am not proud of it) even in the airports! So... please, if you are a stylish European blogger or fashionista, give us a chance, because, there is people with awesome sense of style everywhere, and you'll find great surprises with Latin Americans. Some combinations might be too risky, or too colorful for sober people, but even if you don't wanna use some stuff the way we do, certainly you can find some inspiration in the color mixing and how to put some garments together. That's the case of beautiful Natalie, from Peru. She is stylish and she takes risks, maybe too much for me, but I love it!! I love how she puts patterns and colors together, and she always manages to make an outfit shine (and therefore to shine herself ). You'll find a lot of style tips and designer inspiration in her blog, and many cool outfits! Check it out :)
Besides a fashionista she is a lawyer (there you go, girl!!) and she is also a volunteer for poor elderly people (I really wanna do that sometime), I think it is one of the most human things someone can do!
 The reason why I picked this outfit is because she mixed pastel yellow (on her blazer) with strong mustard yellow (on her clutch), and balanced them with a touch of brown (on her boots), and I really liked the result. Generally I am more into high contrast so when it is a soft balance like this, I am not too good but I think she did a great job!
Thank you so much, Natalie!

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