Monday, January 27, 2014

Special guest: Trendy Joan, USA

Are you looking for a blog with a feminine style, chic, and not complicated, but always with a colorful touch that gives your outfit a total twist? Then, Joan's blog is for you. Besides beautiful, she is feminine, trendy, chic, not intricate in her outfits, but always, always with a personal touch. Something colorful, a big special accessory, fabulous special shoes, studs, an amazing print, a weird but cool color combination (or texture)... something that makes you immediately look at her, and catch an idea for your style!
She is from the USA and in her blog you will find some other cool sections as her travels, beauty, and health, so for sure, you'll have some nice time while reading it:
And the reason why I picked this outfit is quite simple... the shoes made a total twist on the monochrome outfit! I loved it. Fabulous... and with the red, it is not sober any more, but trendy! :)
And about the balloon, it is her blog's firs anniversary. That's why it is a number 1. Congrats! 
Thank you so much, Joan! You rock!

♥♥ USA ♥♥

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