Thursday, January 30, 2014

Special guest: Amazing Maria, Russia

After my last post (also from Russia), and now this one, where the beauty of Zhanna (in the last one) and Maria (in this one) is enhanced by their eternal and infinite hair, I am starting to think that if I wanna look like a Disney princess' character, I need to let my hair grow even longer! It defo makes them look more feminine, powerful and full of energy. I had it all the way to the waist once, when I was around 19, painted in copper-red, but it was so hot that summer that I cut it like a boy, and never had it that long ever since... but I think destiny is trying to tell me something :)
And with hair like that (although it is not black) an that gorgeous skin, she reminds me to Snow White.
Maria is my beautiful Russian guest, and her blog is full of tiny beautiful details as delicious food pictures, awesome outfits (mostly casual) and many of her drawings, she is really skilled! A nice place to stop, indeed:
And the reason why I picked this outfit is because you might remember that I have a pair of pants very alike to those ones that I also used with a grey jersey, but I never thought about the extra blazer and the boots with it, and the final result rocks.
Thank you so much, Maria!

♥♥ Russia ♥♥

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