Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Special guest: Colorful Nataly, Indonesia

Let's stay today in Asia! In this case with fabulous Indonesia. I wrote a post including pictures from this fabulous country some months ago, and you can read it if you click on the tag at the end of this entry.
Fashion is evolving, each time it pushes farther its own limits and makes us take more risks in makeup, dressing and accessories. Fashion doesn't have to be 100% realistic or natural anymore (I still think that natural is the best kind of beauty, but I love to experiment with makeup, contacts, weird mixes, etc.) and we can take each time more risks.
That's why I love Nataly's style. She takes risks all the time. I think she is wearing a wig because I saw many other pictures of her where she has beautiful black hair, but what the heck? She looks astonishing!
And she is wearing contacts as well (I do that all the time!).
Be careful with the bob cut! If your face is too long it WON'T fit you. But in Nataly's face, it looks fabulous.
What about ankle flat boots with a short evening dress? It is perfect! It is a way to use it on a daily basis :) (I've seen this trend on Poppy Delevigne).
Well, the point is that I love her look, hair, contacts, dress, boots, colors, I love Indonesia, and if you wanna see amazing makeup and travel pictures, same as styling tips, you defo have to visit her blog: http://natalyliman.blogspot.com
Thank you so much, Nataly!!

♥♥ Indonesia ♥♥

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