Friday, January 10, 2014

Special guests: Channie and Dannie, two super cool twins, USA

How can you choose just one outfit in a blog when you find two super cool twins?? Why are there so many twins in the fashion world? Why does having a twin always looks super cool? I remember when I was in primary school, how cool I thought it would be to have a twin that looked just like me!! (Yeah I know, to egocentric). Same size to share your clothes, same face so when your sister looks good with some makeup you know you'll look good, always someone to play with, and on and on. I am the only child in my family and I had the heck of a good time as well, but twins have that, dunno, magic and shine, perhaps because they have an eternal companion!
Anyway, this fabulous pair are Channie and Dannie, from Virgina, USA. Lovely smile and style, fabulous twins and friends as you can notice in their blog, beautiful skin and body figure! Their blog:
And the reason why I picked this outfits was because, even if they are "simple", they look amazing. Both are perfect combinations, one in blue and white, and the other in monochrome.
Very basic pieces that we all have in our closets but that if you put all together, make a rocking outfit!!
Thank you so much, girls!! :)
White sweater, pastel pants, and a red bag to contast!

Perfect monochrome, add a shiny detail to rock like her!

Thank you so much, girls!
♥♥ USA ♥♥

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