Monday, January 20, 2014

Special guest: Fantastic Aishly, Aruba and USA

Since last year I am loving the print block. Only for brave ones! I can't believe that when I was a teenager I totally hated any kind of prints and right now I find them super trendy. Specially if you mix two on the same outfit. That's why I totally fell in love with Aishly's outfit when I saw it. It is for brave girls indeed, because she is also using solid colors, but it defo works. Skirt and top have black and white, and the skirt also has yellow and pink (that she matches with her shoes). Perfect. I'm gonna be looking for clothes of this kind next time I go shopping!
About Aishly, although she lives in the USA, she is my first Special Guest from Aruba!!! And you can see it all on her personality: Beautiful tan, gorgeous fantastic and big smile, long hair, and beautiful body shape, with perfect curves!
Her style is energetic and cheerful, not scared of mixing colors and textures. So, if you think your style might be sometimes too sober and you want a little push farther, her blog is the right place for you! Check it out!
Thank you so much, Aishly!!

♥♥ Aruba and the USA ♥♥

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