Saturday, April 27, 2013

Yellow and cats everywhere!

Originally for this outfit I was gonna use a yellow bag (since it is in super fashion), but I was walking with my bf when we saw the cat bag I am using. I just had to have it! I have a thing about cats, I just love them and can't avoid trying to pet any cat I see and get any kind of cat souvenirs!!
I know a cat bag would be crucified by real fashionistas, but who am I to deny giving a stuffed kitty a new home? :)

This is the cat bag!!!

This is our cat, Luchas, taking a nap :p

This is my mom's cat: Indiana Jones, hiding :p

This is a lynx I managed to photograph in Norway

This is a cats' poster on top of my closet's door

This is a cats' cube book my mom got for me :)

This is a kitty I painted last year (based on a deviantart painting)

And this is an egyptian cat my bf got for me in an expo about Egypt. I love it!!
Cats everywhere!!

The skirt costed 4 USD in a market
The blouse costed 4 USD in a market
The necklace has been seen previously here:
The shoes have been seen previously here:
The sunglasses have been seen previously here:
And the belt is vintage, has been in my closet for ages.
Make-up: MAC

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