Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Make-up essentials

Some stuff every girl must have in her make-up kit :)
If you are not very interested in make-up but you wanna look good and you don't know what to buy to make your kit, this things will keep you ready for any occasion.
1._ Primer, serum and/or after sun gel
2._ Concealer (lighter than your skin)
3._ 2 foundations: one of your skin tone and one lighter for big eyebag days
4._ Powder
5._ Eyeliner (liquid or gel)
6._ Mascara
7._ Eye shadows, they are never enough but if you wanna start with few, some browns, a beige and a black one will save you
8._ 2 lip colors, one for day and one for night ;)
9._ Lipgloss
10._ Blush
11._ Brown pencil eyeliner
12._ Lipliner
13._ (forgot to put the number) Black pencil eyeliner
14._ And of course: Brushes!!

With this essentials you will be ready for any occasion!

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