Friday, April 5, 2013

Flowers and mushroms

I've never liked flowers in my outfits too much, but some times, specially in hot days, they are just perfect. Generally the colors on the flower prints are light, just as the fabrics. So, whenever I use flowers, I try to add      a piece without prints to don't look like a doll that escaped from a romantic movie, and shoes that show some strongness.
The question is, on a hot day, hair low or up? Well, it depends, because if it looks kinda messy and there is wind, low is perfect, but if you can't handle the heat, just go for an up do, but also messy and maybe with some kind of decoration, as a flower! That makes you look fresh and cute without looking too corny.
Here it is, hope you like it!

 Wanna know a secret? The top is actually a dress but since it was too short I just pushed it up a little bit to make it look as a top :)
 Solid colors and long and short (I'm talking about the skirt) are perfect in a hot day!

Sunglasses are a must!! (I need more)

When I saw this necklace and earings, I just had to have them!

Short boots that are not warm are perfect for walking!!

Dress (used as a top): I got it in a sale on H&M for aroud 12 USD
Skirt: Got it on a sale and was around 6 USD
Necklace and earings: Fantasy jewelry (very cheap)
Boots: Got them on a sale on H&M and were around 6 USD

Make-up: MAC

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