Friday, April 5, 2013

Fashion Decalogue: How to look great for less!

Is it possible to look chic, trendy and fashionable without looking as a fashion victim or an imitation of all the it girls you see in the magazines? Is it possible to like fashion and still, be genuine? Of course!!!!
Is it possible to look as cool as the models without thousands of dollars in your account? Of course!!!
This are the rules to follow, the commandments, the decalogue!!
Follow them and you will always be cool and genuine!! Keep on reading to find out! :)

1._  Don't follow just "this year's" trends.
Each year the fashion industry comes out with new trends, like animal print, black, white, faux fur, ultra high heels, stripes or anything you can imagine making it wearable only that year, but the truth is, that since we can't get a whole new wardrobe each season, we just gotta keep what we like the most of each trend that we also like. It's ok to use let's say brown, but doesn't have to be the only thing!!
2._ Check out for designers pieces on magazines and online!
I'm not asking you to buy a Louis Vuitton or Michael Kors bag, but what you can do is check them, make a mental note of your favorites (example: red, alligator skin printed bag), and then look in low cost stores for an option that is alike, without being an exact replica. You will follow the trend but make it yours with a piece that you take as your interpretation of a designer collection.

3._ Look for inspiration!!
If you have tons of clothes (and accessories) but you are stuck with your same old combinations and (as always) you think you have absolutely nothing to wear, look at street style blogs, magazines, and even tv shows, and I'm sure that you will find many pieces in your wardrobe that you never thought you could use that way, like a LBD, a white tank top, or boots in any color. The combination makes the difference!

4._ Keep always the basics in your closet!
They are always the most matchable gowns. Even if they look boring on their own, like a long sleeve black top, a pleated mini skirt in just one color, a white tank top, a denim jacket or a brown belt (to tell you something), remember that the key is what to wear with what, not how they look on their own.

5._ Whatever you wear, it is important you feel comfy!
I absolutely love the retro style, like the 50's, but each time I tried to wear it, I felt that I looked 20 years older, and the same happens if I try to dress in light pink, I just don't feel like myself, and probably I show it on my walking or my expression, because I don't catch any looks. So, if you don't feel as cute as you can with some outfits, just forget about them.

6._ Whenever you create an outfit, dress for you to like yourself even more!!
Don't dress to make anyone like you, dress for yourself, and if you like how you look, go for it!!

7._ Be brave!!!
Forget about rules! Don't think that your shoes MUST match your bag, or that 2 garments with different prints won't combine. If you wanna be unique you have to push it farther, and if you are dying to use those silver shoes with a purple dress with white dots, go for it! Mix lace with leather, silver and gold, 2 necklaces, trousers and a skirt, there are no limits!

8._ A detail makes the difference!
If you are in an office job, where you have to wear executive clothes, or you have to use a uniform, a tiny detail, as purple shoes, an ultra big necklace or green eyeshadows will make all the difference. You don't need to break the rules, but you can make them work for you!!

9._ Don't forget your old clothes!
The old-style is comming back. If you have a garment that looks old, now is the time to use it. The older it looks, the better!!

10._ Second hand!!
Never judge a second hand market without visiting it! My only Versace skirt and Calvin Klein tee were bought in a second hand market for less than 10 USD each! The people had no idea of what they were selling!!

And some commandments to feel sexy!!!

Sexy in the word that you feel you can catch the look of the opposite sex. Doesn't mean you have to use a tiny, tiny mini skirt or no bra. Noooo! Sexy can be also completely covered as long as you look secure and original!
1._ Perfume!!!
The perfume that we use has to cause a nice sensation on us the first time we smell it. Like leave us with a smile, or make us picture a meadow full of flowers. If the perfume you choose causes you a nice sensation, even when we can't smell it anymore (because our nose gets saturated), we will keep the sensation in our subconcient all day long.
Perfumes I use: Hearts & Daggers (Ed Hardy), La Vie Est Belle (Lancome) and Happy (Clinique)

2._ Heels!!
There is something about heels. They might be tired, yes, but they totally change the body posture and since our butts looks more shaped (as our legs) and we see it on the mirror, we inmediately transpirate it (even if you are wearing a long skirt). And since they make your legs look longer, also you feel thinner. For days that you don't feel pretty, they are an awesome anti-depressant.

3._ Make-up!!
Even if you don't like it, try one day just lipgloss, or a little bit of blush. Your entire face will lighten up, and if you feel better when you look at yourself in the mirror, people will notice that.
4._ Details!!
Nice lace underwear, a beautiful ring, your eyelashes curled, even customizing your clothes, little details make all the difference. They talk about you taking the time to prepare yourself to do whatever you have to do, then you will look as a person that loves herself and for some reason, people love that!!
5._ Dedicate time for yourself everyday.
It can be reading, giving you a face massage, taking a long bath, watching your favorite TV show, having your favorite milkshake. Give yourself little treats because you're worth!! Love yourself!!

Fashion, sexiness, originality and treats to everybody!!!

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