Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tutorial for smokey eyes for daylight

We all love smokey eyes!! But in daylight they can be a little too dramatic if we don't use the make-up correctly. So, here is a tutorial for smokey eyes that is perfect for daylight. Adds mystery and intensifies your look without looking too dramatic, or like if you have been partying all night and gone straight to work. Hope you enjoy it!!

I wanna point out (again) that the pictures have no kind of retouch, so they will give you a better idea of how to do it :)

1._ Prepare your skin with foundation as we have already seen in "how to apply foundation" entry, and add a litte bit of eyeshadow on your eyebrows if you need it.

2._ Add concealer to your eyelids. Will make the eyeshadows stay longer and have a stronger color.
The ideal is that it is a little bit lighter than your skin.

3._ Add a brown that is some tones darker than your skin from the upper eyelashes all the way above the crease. I would recommend you a thick soft brush to do it, and apply 2 layers.

Blur the division with your finger tips, a cutip or a thick brush.

4._ Add a touch of gold (silver, light purple, pink) or any light color you like from the internal edge of the eye, all the way to the middle of the lid, and just by the crease. And under the lower eyelashes from the internal edge to the eye, to the middle.

I forgot to take a pickie of my eyeshadow, but this ones give you a very good idea!!

5._ Add black (dark grey, very dark brown, etc) with a thin brush from the external edge of the eye to the middle of the lid (till it touches the gold eyeshadow) and under your lower eyelashes from the middle of the eye, (where the gold eyeshadow finishes) till the external edge, as if it was an eyeliner, a thin line.

6._ Add eyeliner. All the way by the upper eyelashes, and one or 2 mms more and from the middle of the lower eyelashes till the edge, where it joins the superior line. Not too thin, not thick. The gel eyeliner is perfect for this :)

7._ If you wanna add more drama (this step is totally optional), add a thin line of dark brown above the eyeliner (and below) all the way from the internal edge of the eye till the external one by the upper eyelashes and from the middle of the lower eyelash till it mixes with the black one.

After this step, use your finger tips, a cutip or a thick brush, to mix all the eyeshadows without leaving any hard line between the colors. If you use your fingertips, do it softly.

8._ Mascara!! 2 layes on the upper and lower eyelashes!

9._ And if you still wanna add more drama (this step is also optional), use a very black pencil eyeliner in the interior of the eye!!

Choose a nice neutral lip color and you are ready!!!

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