Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Flat short boots: the best for walking :)

I might be an alien, but I hate tennis shoes and sneakers!! I defo prefer flat short boots if I am gonna walk for a while either in the city or in the country. I developed love for them in Norway after my bf took me to live in a cabin in the middle of the forest from one day to another. With all the earth, dust, rocks, woods, branches and in winter of course lots of snow, I couldn't wear my precious high heels!! Anyway, after you learn appreciating them, you end up loving them :)

If you know you will be walking a lot (subway, mall, supermarket) and not making any stops to eat or anything like that, forget about bags!! Put in your pocket your keys, cellphone, some cash and a credit card if you need it, and you're done!

Try to add some prints to an outfit that otherwise would look plane or boring. 
If the day is hot, use shorts, if it is cold, trousers and instead of a top a long sleeve cardigan (without top, unbuttoned on the first 2 or 3 holes) should be perfect!

Even though the earings are super long, they are really light!!

Boots, usable everywhere, and with a more sober outfit, they are even good for formal occasions :)

Top: Got it on a sale for around 8 USD
Shorts: Courtesy of my cousin.
Necklace: Fantasy jewelry
Earings: I don't remember the price, but were low cost from H&M :)
Boots: Got them on a sale for 5 USD!!

Make-up: MAC

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